Painting for Renovations

Are you a Renovator, looking for reliable and professional painters who are experts in sprayed finishes?

The painting and finishing portion of the renovation is often a turning point for client relationships. It can either make them or break them. It signifies the beginning of the back stretch. Customer emotions at this point are fragile as now they get to see the esthetic of their project come to life. If executed well the customers will love you (the renovator) if executed poorly the customer will begin to question whether you are going to deliver the space they thought they were getting. It is a point at which the customer is tired of having trades in their home and are projecting their feelings onto all of those who dare enter. This is where a competent and friendly painter can make a huge impact on your customer/your brand.

Painting and finishing in a renovation setting takes the breadth of painter's skill.

In one instance it requires the spray skills and production capacity of a new construction painter. On the other hand it requires the flexibility and conscientiousness of a repaint. The typical renovation requires a painter to finish railings, spray woodwork/built-ins, paint ceilings and walls from new; repaint existing areas; stain and finish fiberglass doors. A larger scale renovation will likely require more. 

The average painter is not ideal for painting in the a renovation setting.

Why? One, because the average painter does not excel at any one task, they are average after all. Painters who spray well only spray, walls are left for others. Two, the average painter does not have a shop. In a renovation setting space and time are limited, to have the ability to finish peripherals (cabinet doors, fiberglass doors, etc.) off site, in a controlled environment. Three, the average painter is not time flexible. Most painters are limited by the simple fact that they cannot be in two places at once, they will often work double shifts to try and accommodate but that is a recipe for disaster, quality will suffer and time will be lost doing unnecessary touch-up which can interfere or delay other trades.

Cal-Res Coatings is able to address all three

1. We have numerous spray and wall crews.

2. We have a 12,000 sqft shop with two spray booths.

3. We have enough people to allocate the labor you need to your job