Exterior Lumber & Siding Pre-Staining

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Specialists in Pre-Staining Exterior Lumber & Shakes

Benefits of Factory Finishing:

  • Coating all sides provides maximum protection against weather damage
  • Materials are pre-stained in a protected, optimum environment
  • No lost production time due to subcontractors schedules
  • Pre-staining virtually eliminates shrink lines, lap marks and streaking
  • Weather and seasonal delays are virtually eliminated
  • No job site mess due to overspray, dripping, scaffolding, or clean up of stain
  • Instant curb appeal. Finished material arrives at the job site ready for install
  • No storage hassles at the job site with wood exposed to elements
"Back primed wood & shakes resist absorbing moisture from the back that can cause the finish to prematurely blister and peel. It nearly eliminates cupping, cracking & warping." – Fine Home Building Nov 97
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