Painting Services

The Experts You Want, On The Timeline You Want.

In the Calgary market today premium is for everybody. Customers don't expect quality - they demand it. Nothing adds as much value for the money as premium paint work... that's right... nothing. Not a kitchen, not a bathroom, not a deck... painting is numero uno! Conversely, nothing can hurt the value of your home more than a not-so-hot paint job. Think about it... you enjoy your home so much more when the painting is done by a true professional. We give you the expert result you expect.

Customers don't expect quality - they demand it.

Often times the experts are booked solid and you have to wait for the services you want now. Cal-Res is always busy, but we are flexible. Our large work force of skilled and specialized painters allow us to meet our current commitments while still providing you with the painting services you want now. Why wait? You wouldn't call a plumber and expect to wait one month. No, you would expect them to come in a timely manner, while being highly skilled. We figured, why not in painting?

we can confidently "deliver the goods".

Our rigorous recruiting systems provide us with top performers in our industry. Combine that with extensive technical knowledge of management and current staff pool of over 40 painters, we can confidently "deliver the goods".