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About Cal-Res... is about you - our customer


We are about achieving your goals, dreams, ideas; because when it comes to building-renovating-renewing your home painting & finishing has the responsibility of having everything come together to be truly yours.

You can have the best built: cabinets; railings; fireplace mantle; coffered ceilings - that money can buy, BUT if it isn't painted-stained-lacquered the right color, tone or shade or executed properly it won't really matter.


Cal-Res is about making it easy for our customers


Getting an estimate is easy; no hard sell. You're spouse doesn't need to be home, we can give you a ballpark, sometimes we can even provide one sight unseen.

Commitment is easy; no deposit. We don't need any money up front to buy materials, paint, etc. We trust you and want you to trust us.

Scheduling is easy; we are established with plenty of employees to service you - while we are always busy, we are never too busy for you.

Production is easy; with the combined experience of our office staff & tradesmen (and women) producing your work is easily managed - big or small.

Payment is easy; we accept VISA & Mastercard so you can collect your travel points.

Getting us back is easy; every once in a while something gets missed - don't worry we'll come back to fix it promptly.


Cal-Res is about quality... for our customers


We are about doing a good job for good people at a good price because that's what you deserve. We are proud to warranty your work.


Cal-Res is about doing everything we can for our customers


Whether you are a builder - requiring interior finishers, exterior painters, prefinished lumber, repainting services - we will take care of it

Whether you are a manufacturer - requiring machine coatings or sprayed two part finishes & more - we will take care of it

Whether you are a renovator - requiring reliable & friendly paint crews - we will take care of it

Whether you are a homeowner - requiring move-in painting, cabinet refinishing, whole repaints, exterior painting, stucco painting - we will take care of it

Whether you are a property manager - requiring an painting company who is reputable, does good work, and stands behind it - we will take care of it